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History of Centella Asiatic or Asian Pennywort

The name of this herbal plant, which is Centella Asiatic or widely known in English as Asian pennywort, might still have not sounded familiar in some ears of ours, nor have some of us tried to consume it ourselves, either because you do not like the taste of it or it is hard to get the plant in your surroundings. For that reason, VitaBrain, a brand of vitamin supplements for the brain (vitamin otak) made of this particular herb, would like to give a little explanation about this particular herb. So that, you will know why we choose to take a chance to help you get as many benefits or advantages of the plant as possible by simply consuming our products.

The benefits or advantages of Asian pennywort for health have been acknowledged since many centuries ago. Formerly, a lot of people used this plant for the treatments of various conditions, especially in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine practices. As a perennial herb, this plant originates in moist areas so that the use of this plant is mostly known in some parts of the planet with the tropic season, which are generally located in the Asian continent such as Sri Lanka, India, some countries in Asia and some northern areas in Australia.

This type of pennyworth has been often associated for a long time with some of the legends in Asia. For example, in Thailand, it is believed that one of the Chi Chuan masters in the country, Li Ching-Yun, was able to live for more than 200 years because he consumed some particular herbs and one of the herbs was said to be Centella Asiatic or Asian pennywort. In regards to the story, we can conclude that one of the benefits of the plant is to make one able to live healthily that one can live longer than the average of people does. Therefore, if you also want to spend a long time with your loved ones, it is wise to try consuming this herb and one of the easiest ways to do is by consuming VitaBrain.