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3 Reasons why you have to brush your teeth before you go to bed

dentist middletown Good day everyone. This time, the dentist middletown want to share with you about 3 reasons why you have to brush your teeth before you go to bed. Many people know that brushing teeth before you sleep is a very important dental care to do. But did you know why? That’s why we’d like to share you the three reasons about it.

Reason number one, bacteria grow faster at night time. This happens because the bacteria don’t sleep while you need to. Our saliva is also drying while we sleep. This could cause the growth of the bacteria becomes faster. So if you don’t brush your teeth at night, you are giving the bacteria chance to grow and turn the food remnant in your mouth to be an acidic substance that could corrode your teeth enamel. Reason number two, brushing your teeth at the afternoon bath is not enough. This is due to the remnant of your dinner stays in your mouth after your afternoon teeth brush. That’s why you need to do it again before you go to sleep. The number three reason is because there are many people who love to eat some snack before going to bed. Although it is not recommended thing to do, there are still many people out there doing it because it is fun. That’s why we’d like to suggest you lessen your habit that to eat before going to bed. Especially the sweets one.