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Two ways to use mala beads as the counter of mantra

We can find many types of mala beads but we can be sure the characteristic of mala. Firstly, mala beads used to calculate the number of mantra that we said in repetition. It has a fixed form even it made by another material. 108 is the number of beads on mala and it is a fix number. Buddhist people believe if that number has a deep meaning in this live. Not just a number but it made from philosophy of life. The number 108 is calculated from 6 senses, feeling, time, and location.  All of it is multiplied and produce the 108 number and it became a standard for mala in all types. When we used the mala beads in our pray, we can get the concentration and tranquility in our soul. We can not get it from another item because it does not have a positive energy on it. So, if you want to get concentration and tranquility when you pray, bring mala beads.

There is two ways to use mala beads. First way is place your thumb on the beads and pull a bead when you finish a mantra and you repeat it every time you complete a mantra. Second way is similar to the first way but the different is we need to push a bead when we finish say a mantra. So, we can choose the way that we think easy to practice but we have to ensure that we do not pass a bead when we want to use all beads because it is not in accordance with the way that teaches by old people. We have to keep the tradition of using mala beads because it is one of the cultural heritages. Do not be shy to wear the mala beads either for your pray or for your style because it can be used for both.