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Learning about sex : What is condom?

buy condoms – The male condom is one of the contraception tools that’s shaped like a thin wrapper and the tips are closed tightly in order to contain the sperm. The function of the condom is for preventing the sperm from getting into the womb and fertilizing the egg cells (ovum). The other benefits of using the condom are to prevent the contagious sexual disease and infection. That’s why many people, especially the ones who often to hired the prostitutes often rely on the condom for their safety during the sex.

The male condom is made of the rubber or latex or other plastic-like materials. Most existing condoms right now are made of rubber or latex capable of preventing the meeting of sperm and the egg cells during sex. Besides that, these condom materials are clinically beneficial to prevent the contagious sexual disease. We hope this info could give you the necessary information about the definition and the function of the condom.