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The Bacteria that Cause Tooth Cavity

Hi, everyone. This time, The Dentist San Francisco want to share with you about tooth cavity. This time, we won’t talk about the tooth cavity itself. Instead, we will talk about the bacteria that cause the tooth cavity in the human mouth. Have you ever heard the name of the tiny evil bacteria that ravage your mouth every time you get a tooth cavity? If you haven’t, let us explain it to you.

It’s scientific name is streptococcus mutans. This bacteria often found in a tooth cavity of a grown human being. And these bacteria don’t exist in a newborn baby. Because it is naturally spread from one human being to another. This usually happens when a baby reaches an age of 11-33 months old. But don’t worry, because everyone has this bacteria in their mouth. You just have to make sure that your mouth is clean and healthy so the growth of this bacteria in your mouth is still low and normal.