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One of the reason why people want participated on the game show

Maybe we often see the inflatable game on the game show. Many inflatable materials that used on there like inflatable bungee run, inflatable bar fly, inflatable slides, and much more. We may want to know how can the participants were not injured even they often fall and they are always trying to finish it. If we want to ask it to the event creator, maybe they only answer that the prize is big and they ensure the safety of their participants.

They use inflatable insurance to convince the participants that they are safe with it. When the participant gets the problem on there, they can use the inflatable insurance to claim their medical expenses. The even creator also agrees with this because of it one of their responsibilities to the participants. So, we can get the answer about why people undeterred to attend the game show ? They not only chasing the prize but also want to get the safety when they follow it.