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Three types of the inshore fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies among many people these days. Not only that you require a good skill and equipment, you also need a great patience to become good fishers. Generally, there are two types of fishing, the inshore fishing, and the offshore fishing. The inshore fishing is a fishing activity that is taking place on land or near the sea. While offshore fishing is taking place in the sea. Now, the dubai fishing trips would like to share some info with you about the three types of the inshore fishing.

The first one is the surfishing (fishing on the beach). This kind of fishing requires you to go to a beach and usually the sandy one. This kind of fishing is usually using the common types of baits that depend on what kind of fish that you want to catch. The baits that are usually being used are the worm, small crabs, sliced fish, or live fish and sometimes even the artificial bait.

The second one is the pierfisihing (fishing on the pier). This kind of fishing usually just of a personal recreation. People rarely bring their family or friends for just a pierfishing. The fishing gear that usually chosen for this fishing is the spinning type, due to the ease of its application and almost similar with the surfishing gear.

The last one is the rockfishing (fishing on the rocky coast). The gear type that used for this fishing is not very different with the surfishing and the pierfishing. Besides that, the different of this fishing is just the location. Rockfishing usually makes you able to catch more and bigger fish. Unfortunately, some of the fishing spots for the rockfishing are unreachable due to the dangers of the places. We hope this info could help you to understand about the three types of the inshore fishing. See you and have a nice day!