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Signs of ball screw failure

Even tough ball screw repair can help you save the life of your ball screw, it is very important to be careful of the signs of ball screw failure ball screw repair. Just like any goods used every time, your ball screw is going to go broken. Below are the signs of its failure, so ensure that you try to understand how to prevent those failure signs.

Familiar with heat discolorations on the lad or ball? It is often caused by poor lubrication. If this often happens, make sure that you will lubricate it according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Somehow, if you take regular checkup or maintenance, you can prevent even all the failure signs damage your screw ball. Loud clicking sounds coming from the tubes of the ball nut. Yes, it can indicate excessive build up under the way covers or the damaged return tube. Spalling and pitting are the surface distress, so check the condition of your screw ball regularly.